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Dementia Brochures

The following informational brochures on dementia were designed to be culturally and linguistically appropriate for Hmong and Cambodian elders in the Madison, WI area, but may also be useful to patients with dementia and their caretakers nationwide. We are providing them free of charge and for anyone to use. Creation of these brochures was funded by a Fellowship from the UW-Madison Morgridge Center for Public Service awarded to Kao Lee Yang and supported by several groups and individuals including staff from the Southeast Asian Healing Center in Madison, WI, experienced Hmong and Cambodian translators, dementia researchers and geriatricians, and an excellent graphic designer ( Please direct any questions about these brochures to Kao Lee at

Dementia Brochure – English

Dementia Brochure – Hmong

Dementia Brochure – Khmer

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